Phi1Handout1 - PHI 1 Problems of Philosophy Fall 2010 Handout 1 The Ontological Argument I Basic notions A Possible and actual existence Actual The

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PHI 1: Problems of Philosophy Fall 2010 Handout 1 The Ontological Argument I. Basic notions. A. Possible and actual existence. Actual Possible The empire state building a mountain on earth 10 feet taller than Everest dogs Unicorns (animals like horses with one horn, not magical) Impossible A round square B. Existence in the mind/understanding. Thinking clearly and coherently about an object (which might or might not exist). C. Existence as a perfection. Many things exhibit properties that make them better or worse. Anselm supposes that actual existence makes something better (at least a possible being like God). II. A reconstruction of the argument (mostly following Rowe). SETUP DEFINITION: the concept of God is by definition the concept of a thing than which nothing greater is possible. 1. PREMISE: God exists in the mind. 2. God at least possibly exists. (FROM 1? Rowe treats as a premise) 3. PREMISE: actual existence is a perfection, i.e. A ‘great-making property’.
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