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PHI 1: Introduction to Philosophy Fall 2010 Handout 3 I. The problem of the criterion (Chisolm). A. Are any of our beliefs knowledge? i. To answer this, it appears we need some criterion to distinguish beliefs which are knowledge (at least, are true) from others. ii. To know whether any criterion is a good one, we would have to know whether it correctly classified beliefs as as knowledge or not. iii. To know this, we would have to already know which beliefs are knowledge, and which ones are not. iv. We thus cannot answer (i) without answering (ii), and cannot answer (ii) without answering (i). v. Hence, it appears we cannot answer (A). B. We do have procedures that we think work: i. Common-sense procedures. ii. Methods of science. II. A form of skepticism. A. Skeptical challenge : show that we know anything. B. Skeptic maintains it cannot be answered without solving the problem of the criterion. i.
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