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Phi 1: Introduction to Philosophy Fall 2010 Paper 2 Due: Friday, November 19, in class. Please give your paper to your TA at the end of class. Length: Approximately 5 pages. (Standard pages: double-spaced, 1-inch margins, font no smaller than 10-point.) Policies: Same as for paper 1. Assignment: Does Jackson’s knowledge argument show the identity thesis to be false? If so, explain how and why, and if not, explain why not. Along the way, be sure to: A. Give a clear statement of the identity thesis.
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Unformatted text preview: B. Give a clear statement of Jackson’s argument, including 1. Explanations of the concepts Jackson relies on to set up the argument. 2. Explain the conclusion of the argument. 3. Explain how he reaches the conclusion. C. Either explain how the conclusion of the argument can be used to show that the identity thesis is false, or why it cannot. D. (Optional) Is there any way for a defender of the identity thesis to respond to Jackson’s argument?...
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