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Conceptual Physics Problem Solving Exercises

Conceptual Physics Problem Solving Exercises - 1 2 3 4 5...

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1. Bud, a very large man of mass 130 kg, stands on a pogo stick. How much work is done as Bud compresses the spring of the pogo stick 0.50 m? 2. After finishing her physics homework, Sherita pulls her 50.0-kg body out of the living room chair and climbs up the 5.0- m-high flight of stairs to her bedroom. How much work does Sherita do in ascending the stairs? 3. In the previous example, Sherita slowly ascends the stairs, taking 10.0 s to go from bottom to top. The next evening, in a rush to catch her favorite TV show, she runs up the stairs in 3.0 s. a) on which night does Sherita do more work? b) On which night does Sherita generate more power? 4. A forklift raises a box 1.2 m doing 7.0 kJ of work on it. What is the mass of the box? 5. An engine moves a boat through the water at a constant speed of 15 m/s. The engine must exert a force of 6000 N to balance the force that water exerts
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against the hull. What power does the engine develop? 6. A 188 W motor will lift a load at the rate of 6.50 cm/s. How great a load can the motor lift at this rate? 7. A car is driven at a constant speed of 76 km/h down the road. The car’s engine delivers 48 kW of power. Calculate the average force that is resisting the motion of the car. 8. A rock climber wears a 7.5 kg knapsack while scaling a cliff. After 30 min, the climber is 8.2 m above the starting point. a. How much work does the climber do on the knapsack?
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