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Physics Chapter 28 Color Study Notes Catherine G. Reyes 1 0 Introduction a. Color is in the eye of the beholder and is made from the frequencies of light being emitted or reflected by objects. b. When we see a red flower, we see it in a light of certain frequencies and our brain interprets it to be the color red. People with defective vision however may see the flower as being a different color. 1 The Color Spectrum a. Isaac Newton was the first to discover the colors of light. By placing a triangular prism in a light beam, he saw that many different colors were emitted through the prism. They were not properties of the prism but of the light beam. Newton named this spread of colors a spectrum . b. White objects placed in white light, appear to be white. Objects that are of different colors placed in white light appear to be that individual color. White is not one color, but is made up of a spectrum of many. Black is not a color either, but is the absence of color. c. Objects appear to be black because they have absorbed light of all frequencies. However, black objects do not absorb all light; if they did then you wouldn’t be able to see them. 2 Color by Reflection a. The colors of objects are mostly due to the way the objects reflect light. When a light beam hits an object, the object’s electrons are forced into larger orbits around the nucleus. The way the electrons oscillate depends on the material. Different materials have different frequencies for absorbing and emitting light. b. When the oscillation is at resonant frequencies , light is absorbed. When the oscillation is below or above resonant frequencies, light is emitted. c.
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Chap28Color - Physics 0 Chapter 28 Color Study Notes...

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