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Name: ______________________ Class: _________________ Date: _________ ID: A 1 Physics General Final Review 05-06 Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. A longitudinal wave lacks which of the following properties? a. speed. b. frequency. c. wavelength. d. amplitude. e. A longitudinal wave has all of the above. ____ 2. The period of an ocean wave is 10 seconds. What is the wave’s frequency? a. 0.10 Hz b. 5.0 Hz c. 10.0 Hz d. 20.0 Hz e. 30.0 Hz ____ 3. A leaf on a pond oscillates up and down two complete cycles each second as a water wave passes. What is the wave's frequency? a. 0.5 hertz b. 1 hertz c. 2 hertz d. 3 hertz e. 6 hertz ____ 4. Sound waves in air are a series of a. periodic disturbances. b. periodic condensations and rarefactions. c. high- and low-pressure regions. d. all of the above e. none of the above ____ 5. The main difference between a radio wave and a light wave is its a. speed. b. wavelength. c. both A and B d. none of the above. ____ 6. The shiny surfaces of metals have most to do with a. metals' relatively high density. b. a resonant frequency of electrons in the metal. c. the fact that light reflects from metals. d. the free electrons in metal atoms. ____ 7. A positive ion has a. more electrons than protons. b. more protons than electrons. c. a +1 charge always. d. one proton.
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Name: ______________________ ID: A 2 ____ 8. To say that electric charge is conserved means that no case has ever been found where a. the total amount of charge on an object has increased. b.
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physics-final-review-2006 - Name: _ Class: _ Date: _ ID: A...

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