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Format Exam 1 PHIL100 I. (35 pts total) Define seven from the total list eight terms listed Prof Odell’s “Definitions and Logic Exercises” ( posted at the course main page: http://www.glue.umd.edu/%7Ewkallfel/PHIL100Sp2006/ ) These terms begin at page 1 and end at page 4 at ‘the problem of evil’. Omit: “Gedankenexperiment’. You may also (in this section) omit all the stuff about syllogisms (these aren’t terms, but expositions, and you’ll use this stuff in section II & III of exam.) So you want to give ‘quickie’ one- sentence definitions here, logically equivalent to, if not identical to, the definitions of the terms supplied in the ‘Definitions and Logic Exercises.’ They’re worth 5 pts apiece so whatever you do, do not write the Great American Novel here! Quick concise, move on. II. (20 pts total) Syllogism Exercise. You’ll have an argument, stated in a manner similar to Exercise II in “Definitions and Logic Exercises,” which you will need to: a) (5 pts) translate into standard form, b) (5 pts) name its
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