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PHIL250 MIDTERM EXAM October 18, 2007 Directions: Closed book, closed notes. Please answer everything in the exam booklet provided. Anything written on this sheet will not be graded I. Terms: Please provide short answers (several sentences, up to a paragraph if necessary) describing and defining such terms. Do not provide critical analysis (“Just the facts, ma’am/sir.”) Choose 5 from the following 6 (@ 5 pts each). ). If you do all 6 I’ll grade the best 5. a.) Apriori/Aposteriori b.) Retrorecognition c.) Empirical adequacy (Both the “informal sense” and van Fraasen’s notion) d.) Ontology e.) Scientific Realism f.) Anomaly/crises (Aside from defining both in a simple sentence or two, state in 1-2 sentences their relation) ESSAY QUESTIONS: Please choose 2 from the following 3 (@25 pts each) and answer completely as possible 1.) Explain briefly what is meant by the “Problem of Demarcation.” Describe (without explaining in depth) the various criteria proposed by Popper, Lakatos, Kuhn, and Thagard. Make sure you specify: a) who
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