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Project Assessment Document - Overview and Analysis This project was extremely valuable in learning how much it takes to compete in the job and internship market. The film business is especially competitive to get into, and often times it is who you know that lands you the position. Having a strong, eye-catching resume and cover letter for a job position is crucial. Purdue’s Career Center does not have too much for Film and Video Studies jobs. I have searched around the career center in the Stewart Center, browsed online on their website, and asked my guidance counselor and others in the school of liberal arts building. The Film Studies program is only just recently beginning to expand and according to the head of the film department, Professor Ben Lawton, it is extremely difficult for the film program to get sponsored funds from the university. It is also hard to find on general job search browsers decent job and internship postings for film and video positions. I did, however, find one great site that had numerous postings of opportunities all over the country. (www.productionhub.com) My particular goal was to find a summer internship in Orlando, Florida. I found an ad for “i.d.e.a.s. Entertainment” to do a lot of work in digitizing footage for them onto computers and organizing it for the editing in post production. Unfortunately, the ad has been removed and I don’t have an original file saved. The good news, however, is that the ad was only removed after I spoke with the head of the company about the position
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Hogue - Project Assessment Document (word) - Project...

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