Project 4 - Proposal for Emission Awareness at UCF

Project 4 - Proposal for Emission Awareness at UCF - issues...

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Hogue 1 Mitch Hogue J. Stewart Enc1102, sec. 410 04/06/2008 Proposal for Final Paper: Emission Awareness Solution There is a problem with diesel emission awareness in the local community. I interviewed David Norvell, Energy Management Coordinator at UCF's Physical Plant, about the integration of biodiesel fuel and future plans of emission regulations and improvements on campus. The problem behind advancing biodiesel into UCF shuttle buses is the lack of funds, support, and awareness of community members on the issue. My secondary research proved that there are similar, "multi-billion dollar projects taking place on a national level pertaining to reducing diesel emissions from our massive shipping industry" (Wald 1). My primary audience is the students at UCF, particularly those who drive to diesel automobiles to campus and students who ride UCF shuttle buses. These select students, in particular, would be able to use biodiesel if it were to become readily available. This student audience has busy lives with work and school, therefore not much time to research into these
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Unformatted text preview: issues. They are also short on money, for the most part, and need to know how this process would affect their financial standings. However, these students can make a difference by simply becoming aware of harmful emission rates from diesel engines and understanding the potential benefits of running diesel automobiles on biodiesel fuel. The benefits would be to promote UCF's mission to implement biodiesel fuel to university shuttle buses and help reduce the levels of pollution into the environment. I could form a "MySpace" group involving student awareness of biodiesel fuel on campus. Many students use MySpace and/or "Facebook" during their busy lives ; therefore, this would be a great way to reach students and begin this process. To advertise this page, I could Hogue 1 ask permission to tell students before lecture hall classes about this webpage and give them the link to the site if they are interested....
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Project 4 - Proposal for Emission Awareness at UCF - issues...

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