Project 4 - questions page 222 breakdown

Project 4 - questions page 222 breakdown - issues and...

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Mitch Hogue J. Stewart Enc1102, sec. 0410 04/09/2008 Questions page 222, Using Argumentation to Resolve Issues Issue: Making students aware of harmful emissions at UCF. Various claims: Not much is known about biodiesel, not enough time to research more into environmental issues, and biodiesel might be expensive. Type of claims: Claim about language (need to define the issue for what it is), Claims about reality (no time or money to support this issue.) Reasons for claims: There are not enough facts and statistics brought into public awareness concerning this issue (relatively new issue), students are busy with jobs and school and paying for education and transportation. Implied assumptions: There is no proof that using biodiesel in shuttle buses or self-owned trucks will help make a difference; there also might be hidden fees. Additional reasons: How can students really make a difference by simply being aware of these
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Unformatted text preview: issues and facts? (The answer is the same reason that an education is important.) My stance: Students need to be aware of the harmful emission rates that we currently exhaust into the environment. Students also need to be aware of the potential benefits of biodiesel. My claims: More articles need to be written, specifically directed to students, concerning the use of biodiesel. Awareness will help UCF community improve environmental issues at large. My reasons: MySpace page would be a good way to reach students during their busy lives. MySpace is free, easily accessible, and a great way to forward messages across a social network of peers. My assumptions: A "UCF Biodiesel" MySpace page would grasp further student reading and help educate more students on the issue....
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Project 4 - questions page 222 breakdown - issues and...

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