445 2 - intentions. Lincolns choice of military leaders....

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Group 1 Book Notes Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution Question 1 Socially- Southern Social structure was deteriorated after the war. Every man WAS free afterward. (on paper) Blacks literacy and education increased dramatically. Liberty was defined by the end of the war. Economically- Slave labor based south was abolished, industrial Northern lifestyle prevailed. Wealth in the South was shifted to the North. (Northern wealthy increased 50%) South decreased by 60% Total war devastated the South. North was based on capitalism, and thus spread it to the South. Politically Southern government control pre civil war was majority, after the war the Republicans dominated. Lincoln set the standard of connecting with the people (using metaphors) Blacks had a huge effect on voting. Pg 19 Question 2 Kept the Union together. Never referred to the South as its own country or of legal
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Unformatted text preview: intentions. Lincolns choice of military leaders. His timing with his policies and actions was perfect. Had one general focus and goal, and stuck to it. (The hedge Hog) Slow like a hedge hog but yet planned thourally and looked at every detail. Took every aspect into consideration. Connected with the people. Tried gradual emancipation, but when the border-states refused, he left them behind and issued the emancipation Proclamation. Always had entire devotion to the war cause. Took commander in chief seriously. His national and military strategy was perfected. (pg 72) Lincoln was bound by the constitution, and did everything in his power to protect it. Merciful, yet unconditional surrender. Did what he had to do to win and save the Union....
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445 2 - intentions. Lincolns choice of military leaders....

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