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445 3 - Group 3 Robertson Jerome Rochester Maureen Kay...

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Group 3 Robertson, Jerome; Rochester, Maureen, Kay; Salkauskas, Sebastian; Shapte, Emiljano; Sippel, Ethan Daniel; Soik, Michael John; Staehler, Bradley James; Winnie, Christopher; Wolf, Lauren Ashley; Wolfgramm, Paul. Question 1: Economically changed it in less wealth after the war. South completely destroyed because of the war. The south basically got better. Per capita income dropped. Before the civil war the north had the power, after the south had some power. Economically they had to recover for having more crops. Politically presidents started becoming more towards the war. Socially the smart African Americans 1867 more black people in the office than now. Social Structure completely changed. South were trying to mimic a of the north. North was based on capitalism. Struggling with the idea of liberation. This could have been because the that The whole idea was to fight slavery and not have slavery anymore. Europeans looked at the war as a revolution, socially.
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