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Analysis section In activity 1, we use two carts, which are the dynamics cart and the collision cart, to observe the inelastic collision. First we record the mass of both the carts and then use the sensor to record the data of their position and velocity during the experiment. We calculate the momentum of the each cart before collision and the momentum of both carts after collision. But the percentage of the momentum change is 26.77% in our experiment. This error may happen due to human error, instrumental error or the friction. In activity 2, we place the black bar on the top of the dynamic cart and measured the momentum of the carts before and after collision. And we get the percentage of the momentum change equal to30.5%. The reason why this error appear might be the frictions, instrumental limitation or human error due to the experimenters. In activity 3, we use the plunger cart and the collision cart to measured the change of momentum during the explosion. After record the mass of dynamics cart and collision cart, we calculate the
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