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artistic realistic - Kevin Chou AP Art History...

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Kevin Chou AP Art History Abstract/Realistic 4/12/2010 Subject: Portrait of Landscape Abstract: Vincent Van Gogh, “Starry Night” Realistic: Jean-Francois Millet, “The Gleaners Realism was a movement developed around the middle of the 19 th Century. Realists depicts the artists’ experiences and sights of what they see everyday; therefore this style was considered ‘real’. In “The Gleaners” by Jean-Francois Millet, he focused on painting three peasant women performing farm work. The decision to place the figures against a broad grey sky and the plain background, to focus the attention to the gleaners doing their work attentively and carefully. Unlike the abstract style of painting, realistic artworks do not have a lot of visible stroke marks and the color used are generally dull and. This is to show the realism of the experience. Through “The Gleaners” Millet shows the realistic aspect of hardworking gleaners at work by the style he chose to paint. The effect of choosing to paint with
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artistic realistic - Kevin Chou AP Art History...

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