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Birthday Problen

Birthday Problen - The final equation used is then...

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Kevin Chou Prob Stat Calc The birthday problem Solution and write up The main purpose of this experiment is to find how large a class must be to have the probability of 50% of people having the same birthday. To perform this experiment, we must know that there are 365 days in one year so the maximum of people should be 365. With that being said, it means that in a population of 365 people the probability to find two people with the same birthday is 0%. It is also more difficult to find the probability of having a match; instead finding the probability of no match is easier. Therefore we use the permutation equation rPn. ‘n’ being the number of people.
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Unformatted text preview: The final equation used is then 365Pn/365 n . 365 being the number of people, and n are the number of people is picked. After this equation was simulated, the number of people in a class to have the probability of 50% of finding two people with the same birthday is 23 people. Simulation The equation above is the simulated 10 times, and my results were 6 out of 10 times, there was a match in birthday and 4 out of ten times there were no match. The expected result for 23 people is supposedly to be 50%. However this simulation only ran for 10 times, if it ran for a longer trials the above hypothesis may be proven....
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