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Functional Aesthetics - Kevin Chou AP Art History...

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Kevin Chou AP Art History Functional Aesthetics The gothic cathedrals of Europe are perfect examples of ‘functional aesthetics’. The cathedrals interior and exterior designs captures a vast array of features that displays how the cathedrals functions as something or show something. A cathedral that is an example of this would be the Cathedral of Notre-Dame at Chartres. The Chartres cathedral is an expression of the majestic and power of Christ, as well as depicting the importance of the Virgin Mary. Both the exterior and interior designs of the Chartres cathedral shows the how Christ influence the people of that period. The façade of the cathedral have sculptures depicting religious images. For example the Royal Portal, the west façade of the cathedral is the most used example for how the building functions as a symbol of Christ. The sculptures, if viewed from left to right shows Christ ascension, also known as the last judgment. The central theme focused on Christ’s second coming but at Chartres the central importance
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Functional Aesthetics - Kevin Chou AP Art History...

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