Hamlet take home quiz 2

Hamlet take home quiz 2 - 6. Polonius believes that Hamlet...

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Kevin Chou English 12 Hamlet Take Home Quiz Mrs. Krill Act II Scene I 1. Polonius sends Reynaldo to France with money and notes for Laertes. And this is a delicate matter because Polonius wanted Reynaldo to spy on Laertes’ personal life. 2. Ophelia was upset, because Hamlet encountered Ophelia and acted very strangely. Hamlet approached Ophelia grabbed her and sighed without speaking. Ophelia was scared and therefore upset. 3. Polonius drawn to the conclusion that Hamlet must be mad for his love for Ophelia since Polonius had instructed Ophelia to stay away from Hamlet. 4. This scene suggest that Polonius jumps to conclusion without finding out what happened. He immediately suggested that Hamlet is mad for his toward Ophelia and not thinking about other possiblities. Act II Scene 2 5. What Gertrude mean is that when Polonius is talking, he talks to much and adds a lot of unnecessary detail known as ‘art’ and Gertrude just want Polonius to get straight to the point
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Polonius believes that Hamlet is mad, and mad with love for Ophelia. To prove this, Polonius shows the Claudius and Gertrude love letters that Hamlet had written to Ophelia. 7. To prove that he is right, Polonius also planned to spy on a meeting between Hamlet and Ophelia. 8. Hamlet is excited to meet the actors because he had seen them before and they impressed Hamlet. The players are also part of Hamlets plan to see whether Claudius murdered King Hamlet. 9. The players were on tour because it was their job to roam around the country looking for places to act. 10. Hamlets soliloquy at the end of the scene reveals his plan on catching the Claudius on whether or not if he is the murderer, by presenting a play where the plot is very similar to Claudius actions. By showing this play, he will have proof of Claudiuss guilt. wherein Ill catch the conscience of the king said Hamlet....
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Hamlet take home quiz 2 - 6. Polonius believes that Hamlet...

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