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College Application Klakow Akepanidtaworn Date of Birth: 01/27/1990 Leaving Home Peering through the window as my plane took off from Suwannabhumi airport, I saw the skyscrapers, highways and slums of Bangkok. I recalled the crowds commuting in the BTS Sky train, or cars. People formed S-curved line in front of the bus stop and a straight line to eat at luxurious Japanese restaurant. Their walk of lives dragged them to work, frowning upon workload but smiling on the payroll day. Their economic fate fell upon their bosses. In less than an hour, the clear dense green of forest and farms separated Bangkok from the rest of the country. I envisioned farmers leading bucolic lives. No McDonald’s or Central mall was needed for them. They grew rice and raised pork, chicken or shrimp to feed themselves, people in the city and the rest of the world. They relied on their hands and nature. However, they were mostly in debt, waiting for SMEs bank or Kasikorn bank to take away their land, forcing them sell to their labor in industry market. I grasped
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