FoodMicro 2 - Lab 2 Staphylococcus Carter Tate Feb 12, 2007...

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Lab 2 Staphylococcus Carter Tate Feb 12, 2007 The purpose of this lab is examine and learn about the genera Staphylococcus by taking food samples that have already been infected with different types of Staphylococcus and compare the visual results of the colonies and the media changes of a Vogel-Johnson Agar, Mannitol Salt Agar, and Baird-Parker Agar. The spread plate observations were used to identify S. aureus, S. epidermidis, or M. luteus in chicken salad and ham salad. When viewing the colonies of the Baird-Parker plates using the ham salad sample, the colonies were black with a clear zone, “ halo”. The Vogel Johnson plates for ham salad had black colonies and the agar had changed from red-orange to yellow. The Mannitol Salt plates for the ham salad had white-yellow colonies with red ring outside and the agar changed from red-orange color to a yellow. A coagulase test was also taken using the Baird-Parker 10^-2 plate, and it was was positive along with a gram strain test which was also positive. Looking at the chart on page 28 of the Food Microbiology lab manual; these observations confirm that there was S. aureus in ham salad (1). When the spread plates were diluted to 10^-4 hardly anything grew, these could be due to low number of bacteria in the random sample that was pipetted into the spread plate or due to not pipetting enough liquid onto the spread plate. Next we observed the results from the chicken salad plates, the Baird-Parker
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FoodMicro 2 - Lab 2 Staphylococcus Carter Tate Feb 12, 2007...

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