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Unformatted text preview: HW-5 1. For a point charge q at a distance a from a spherical conductor of radius R (R<a), we obtained in the lecture the result of the image charge inside the conductor. Starting from that result, calculate the following quantities. (a) The surface charge density on the sphere. (b) The surface charge density and the force per unit area on the sphere. (c) The total induced charge and the total force on the sphere. Is the results what you expect? (c) The potential energy of the system. (d) If the potential of the conductor is V0 instead of zero, how many image charges are needed and where they should be placed? 2. Two semi-infinite grounded conducting planes meet at right angle. In the region between them, there is a point charge q. Set up the image configuration, and calculate the potential in this region. What charges do you need, and where should they be located? What’s the force on q? What’s the potential energy of the system? ...
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