Notes- Chapter 6

Notes- Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Notes- Intentional Torts Tort-...

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Chapter 6 Notes- Intentional Torts Tort- means “wrong”; basically anytime one party’s conduct causes injury to another party Intentional Torts- arise from intentional acts Unintentional Torts- result from carelessness (an employee knocks over a case by accident, injuring a customer in the process) The Basis of Tort Law The purpose of Tort law: - To provide remedies for the invasion of various protected interests such as… o Personal physical safety o Property o Intangible assets (privacy, family relations, reputation, dignity) Damages available in Tort Actions - Compensatory Damages o Compensation for actual losses (to make plaintiff whole and put him in same position that she or he would have been if tort didn’t occur) Special damages- compensate plaintiff for monetary losses (medical expenses) General damages - compensate for nonmonetary (pain and suffering) - Punitive Damages o Award for court that punishes wrongdoer and deters others from similar wrongdoing o Usually reserved for egregious things (therefore mainly in intentional tort actions) Intentional Torts against Persons Tortfeasor- the one committing the tort Intent- means that the actor intended the consequences of his or her act or knew with certainty that specific consequences would result from the act Examples of intentional torts: assault and battery, infliction of emotional distress…etc Assault and Battery: - Assault- any intentional unexcused act that creates immediate harmful or offensive contact in another person. - Battery- an unexcused and harmful or offensive physical contact intentionally performed The completion of the act” - Example of assault and battery: A threatens B with a gun, then shoots her. Assault is when he threatens B. Battery is when A fires the gun (if bullet hits B)
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Notes- Chapter 6 - Chapter 6 Notes- Intentional Torts Tort-...

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