Lecture Notes 5-21-09

Lecture Notes 5-21-09 - -self determination-a lot of the...

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Lecture Notes 5-21-09 Race: - Prior to WWII race and science were one. - Ironic and contradictory Japanese viewpoint. Want to resist westerners but still adopt their practices 1936 - Anti Comintern pact (JApn Italy and germany 1938: New Order in Asia - prime minister declares a new order in Asia 1939- - Nomonhan (20000 Japanese defeat when they bump in to the Siberian army) -Germany and the USSR sign a non-agression pact 1940 -Nanking gets a puppet government -Imperial Rule Assistance Association 1941 -5 year neutrality pact with USSR -in july, the Nazis invade USSR. Japan moves in to French Indochina (Vichy regime). This makes the allies free all of Japan’s assets encirclement -In august they proclaim the atlantic charter
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Unformatted text preview: -self determination-a lot of the documents were actually burned?-In November, they decide to go to war (decision to go to war happens before the Hull note)-Dec7, Pearl Harbor (American naval base for projecting to East)-One of the issue of WW II was comfort women Nanking Massacre-Even the Nazi’s were horrified. Still many people in Japan who deny this.-Problem with the documents were frabicated-Japanese Archives o Executed their own officers o Iwane Matsui- the leader who was tried for crimes Nogi:-Account by a man who is convicted of war criminals; let of prison in 1955-Pg 109-Pg 113 (Highlighted top right)...
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Lecture Notes 5-21-09 - -self determination-a lot of the...

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