Lecture Notes 5-28-09

Lecture Notes 5-28-09 - security treaty with Japan...

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Lecture Notes 5-28-09 Gayn reading: - 1946; government ruled by the elites - Land reform? - The United States helps Japan become the empire it wanted to be in the 40s. (minus the occupation and troops) Early Occupation: - Pauley Mission o Most countries viewed Japan as retarding the growth of Asia? o Plan is to transfer excess capacity (factories) to? o Would help capitalism get better in the region - Edwards Mission o Those 10 families that country all the wealth are responsible for the war o Propose an anti-monopoly program. o Propose zero-nationalism o Mission fails too. o Viewed as trying to undermine capitalism (pro-commie) - More corruption in unions - Land reform o Radically changes Japan o Occupation demands land reform from the Diet o Tenants all over Japan suddenly have their own land. - Purges o Initially purge those high military o In 1949 and 1950, there are purges against those on the left
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- Dodge Plan o Plunges Japan into a huge depression Korean War / Remilitarization of Japan: - South Korea condoning a “remilitarized” Japan. In 1952, United States makes a
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Unformatted text preview: security treaty with Japan. Basically allows Japan to remilitarized . Peace treaty signed with many asian countries but not with Russia. -US tells Japan to get a 300,000 man army-Formation of the safety agency in1952-In 1954, there are 210,000 american soldiers in Japan. -Japan becomes both a strategic partner and showcase for the Americans during the Cold War-1954 hydrogen bomb testing goes wrong Japanese fisherman killed o This leads to a peace movement within Japan. It is this movement that rediscovers Hiroshima and Nagasaki -Okinawa is held as an American base until 1972. Changes in lifestyle Japan-In 1950s, Japanese economy is fueled by domestic consumption-By 1960s, Japanese are the highest consumers of tv’s-There are a lot of transformation in gender roles Godzilla-People thought that the skin of Godzilla looked like the victim of atomic bombing (keloid skin)-Look at how he is defeated....
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Lecture Notes 5-28-09 - security treaty with Japan...

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