Lecture Notes 6-2-09

Lecture Notes 6-2-09 - Protest in the 1960s and the...

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Lecture Notes 6/2/09 Final Exam I. 40% (Shorter) - Choose 1 among 5 choices II. 60% (Longer) a. Choose 1 among 4-5 choices Electronics in the 1950s -TVs cost about the same as an entry level house -Panasonic, sony; much of the money came from Korean war.,?? -Karl Mundt- convincing the leaders that TVs will help promote American life Anti Commie weapon -Communists in China -1955 two concservative parties become the LDP party -TV is the See-bomb TV is to see the American way of life - Also the a bomb and the h bomb -Japan’s rapid growth is fueled by domestic consumption which is fueled by advertising -Women begin to get paid less? After the war? Advertising - There is a wedding for the imperial family. It wasn’t an arranged marriage ( you can even get th tennis shirt the princess wore…etc) - A new model for the nuclear family
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Unformatted text preview: Protest in the 1960s and the Olympics- Kishi Nobusuke held in the Sugamo prison, considered a Class A criminal o Purged and depurged by occupation o Becomes prime minister in 1956 fears of the resurrection of fascism? o Tries to expand the national powers of the police o Pushes to have a revision of the US-Japan Security Treaty (provides for US basing in Japan.,,e o 1959-1960 big protests in the Diet compound- Ikeda Hayato o Replaces Nobusuke, doesn’t have the same bad reputation o More conciliatory than Kishi- Japan hosts the Olympics in 1960s o Showcase to show off the “new japan” (land of peace…etc) o Pool was sited on Washington heights, where occupation was set up o Last person who was supposed to light the torch was born when the atomic bomb was dropp o Bullet train was built...
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Lecture Notes 6-2-09 - Protest in the 1960s and the...

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