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History 2C 10/28 How Does heresy relate to mysticism? -Heretic has the same kind of commitment against mysticism -heretics believe in the truth of their beliefs, sometimes even more than a mystic -mystics are at a risk of being called a heretic Heresy and Apocalypses -The view of the world was cyclical (idea of the world is a circle) -Age of heroes and pilgrimage -The view was shaken by Persian prophet (solaster) -posits the world between good and evil -There was a shift in thinking (Cyclical linear) -This idea was already present in Judaism Millenium movement -1000 years -800-1808 (Charlemagnes’ reign), rulers of Prussia (Bismarck) -3 rd Reich (hitler), Ronald Reagan and Armageddon -Matthew 24 -Rev 21 Angel chains dragon for 1000 years. Then the dragon will be let loose. Then there will be a great battle between good vs evil -It was a a form of heresy to talk about the time God will come back. (only god knows)
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Unformatted text preview: -Sabbath Age-Constantine (Roman Emperor converts to Christianity)-The millennium precedes eternity Time 1)Orthodox to believe in linearity of time 2) Millenium on Sabbath Age (Millenium beliefs always posit belifs of Battle between good and evil) 3) all these millennium movements utilitarian society 4) emergence of Anti-Christ Age of the holy Spirit (current age what is to come)-Joachim of Fiore Was a monk who writes an influential work and was condemned as a heretic Old vs New Testament-New Testament parallels the old-Jonah in the whale parallels Jesus in tomb-However they are incomplete-age of son=birth of jesus to now-Christians argue that God exists in Trinity-Franciscans believed life of St. Francis was end of the world and that Jesus was going to come....
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