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History 2C notes - 2 Articles: 1) Benjamin (critique of...

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2 Articles: 1) Benjamin (critique of historicism) a. Historians are enamored of victory b. Misogynistic society 2) Geertz (Critique of Enlightenment Progress) a. Going to a better and better future (Voltaire) b. What is progress? c. 21 st century cruelest century d. Cultures are not universal e. “we are all caught in Web’s of significance” 1000-1650: Western Europe 1) Space/Background a. Western Europe was not isolated and was always connected (gold mines in Africa) b. 1000 AD- world was covered in woods, barely urbanized c. Nepal, Constantinople were largest cities d. Favorite day was Easter ; year began in different imtes depending on location e. No sense of time f. European society was organized into orders 2) Three part Order of Society a. PRAYER- monks, priests, bishops, cardinals. .etc( keep leaders from collapsing) i. Were intermediaries between world of matter and spirit ii. They didn’t have to work as the peasants did most of the work for them b. FIGHTERS i. In 8 th century- warriors were liable for military service ii. Powerful because they were the “defenders of society”
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History 2C notes - 2 Articles: 1) Benjamin (critique of...

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