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Chapter 11 notes - pieces of one rock that is contained in...

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Geology Uniformitarianism- the physical, chemical, and biological laws that operate today also operated in the past. Relative Dating - Sequence of formation no dates. Law of Superposition - The layers that are the highest are the youngest Principle of original horizontality - layers are sediment are generally deposited in horizontal position Principle of cross-cutting relationships - the fault that cuts across the sandstone layer means that it is younger. Inclusions
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Unformatted text preview: - pieces of one rock that is contained in another Conformable-Layers of rock that have been deposited without interruption Unconformities- long periods of time which deposition ceased, “empty record” 3 types: Angular,disconformities, noncomformity (separate metamorphic/igneous from younger sedimentary strata) Conditions favoring Preservation-Hard parts-Rapid burial Index fossils-Important for correlating rocks with a similar age....
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