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1. 41 Homework: Goals and objectives for lab 1 (10 points) Summarize your understanding of each goal in a few sentences using your own words . Do not parrot the lab . Your answers must not exceed two pages. 1. Why do biologists say that cladogram is a hypothesis about evolutionary relationships. (Think about what a hypothesis is before you answer this question.) 2. Describe in detail the kinds of data used in phylogenetic inference.
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Unformatted text preview: Use one example for each kind of data: 3. Explain the concept of homology and give an example. 4. Explain the concept and causes of homoplasy and give an example 5. When a polytomy is placed on a tree, what steps would you recommend to develop an understanding of branch order? (we are asking how you would resolve the polytomy) Printed Name: Signature:...
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