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Homework4F10 - 3 Write the names of the correct clades atop...

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4.41 Gymnosperms Angiosperms Monilophytes Lycophytes Liverworts Mosses Hornworts Characters: 1. tracheids 2. cuticle 3. carpels 4. pollen 5. bifacial vascular cambium 6. double fertilization 7. chloroplast DNA inversion 8. heterospory Lab 4 Homework On this cladogram: 1 . Turn in page 4.36 with your completed notes and sketches (2 pts) 2 . Place the characters in the box on the appropriate location on the cladogram (1/2 pt each),
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Unformatted text preview: 3 . Write the names of the correct clades atop each of the brackets (1 pt each), 4 . Explain how knowledge of the "tree" support the hypothesis that secondary growth (i.e. a bifacial vascular cambium) was lost in the monocots? You must demonstrate “tree thinking.” (2 pt)...
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