Homework5F10 - (For example the leaf blade became modified...

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5.39 BIS 2C - Lab 5 Homework (10 pts) 1. Taxol is a chemical that is used in some types of cancer treatments, but occurs only in the bark of the Pacific Yew tree. The Pacific Yew, in turn, grows primarily in old growth forests in the Pacific Northwest. Pharmaceutical chemists have determined that, instead of cutting down old growth forests to obtain enough taxol, it is possible to synthesize taxol from similar compounds extracted from more common plants. a. (1pt) If you were a pharmaceutical chemist, what is the first step you would do in looking for good candidate plants from which to extract compounds similar to taxol? b. (1 pt) Do a web search and list at least two plant genera (not species) that you think might be good candidates for taxol research. 2. Recall that with the Nepenthes leaf you saw in lab, different parts of the leaf became modified to have functions other than those in a "typical" leaf.
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Unformatted text preview: (For example the leaf blade became modified into an insect-trapping and digesting pitcher.) a. (1 pt) For the Acacia leaf below, describe how the leaf base morphology is modified from that of a "typical" leaf base, and give a possible function. b. (1 pt) The leaf base is hollow and is used by ants. Explain how the ant-acacia relationship meets the definition of a mutualism. (Hint: Web search "ant acacia") 5.40 3 . What pollination vector (wind, water, specific animal) would you expect to visit the following flowers (1/2 pt for each) and why (another 1 pt)? Things to consider as you explain why you selected this vector include flower color, flower shape, size relative to the vector, special attractants for the vector, and position of the reward for the vector. a. b. c. d....
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Homework5F10 - (For example the leaf blade became modified...

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