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7. 36 Homework: There is a large cladogram on page 7.35 Characters to be placed on the cladogram are in a box to the lower right of the cladogram. You were asked to keep track of these characters throughout the lab. Place the characters from the box on the metazoan tree; you may just mark the numbers on the tree if you wish. Not all the characters represent homologous features. Some characters may have evolved more than once or been lost, so include this on the tree, if needed. Each answer is worth 1/4 point, so this section is worth 4 points total. Write the names of the correct clades atop each of the colored brackets.
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Unformatted text preview: (3 clades at point each = 1.5 pts) Make a small sketch of one representative of each clade about the clade name. (7 clades at point each= 3.5 pts). You do not have to be an artist, but you need to able represent the general form for each taxon. Character 3, segmentation, could be placed on the tree at least two patterns. Describe these two patterns and explain what each placement says about the evolution of segmentation (1 pt) Segmentation pattern 1: Segmentation pattern 2:...
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