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BIS 2C Fall 2010 Office hours in 3089 SLB Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8:00-8:50 AM Priya Singh 9:00-9:50 AM Prof. Keen Yan Zhuang Priya Singh Open 10:00-10:50 AM Annabelle Kleist Prof. Doyle Dr. Goliber Yan Zhuang Dr. Goliber 11:00-11:50 AM Annabelle Kleist Siew-wai Chin Giuseppe Vezzoli Emily Tozzi Casey Peters Lab 12:10-1:00 PM Heather Dwyer Beth Schultz Kris Robison
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Unformatted text preview: Heather Dwyer 1:10-2:00 PM TA meeting Aaron Haiman Jamie Bunting 2:10-3:00 PM Prof. Doyle Kati Brazeal 3:10-4:00 PM Reneé Weems Kati Brazeal Aaron Haiman Siew-wai Chin 4:10-5:00 PM Reneé Weems Jamie Bunting Sophie Yang 5:10-6:00 PM Casey Peters Sophie Yang 1:30-2:30 pm Prof. Eisen/ Prof. Keen 1:30-2:30 pm Prof. Eisen...
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