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PreLabInstructionsS09 - BIS 2C Pre-lab Instructions and...

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BIS 2C Pre-lab Instructions and Policies This should be a review, because the pre-lab instructions and policies in BIS 2C are the same as those for BIS 2B. The intent of the pre-labs is to prepare you for lab each week so that you will gain the most from the material available to you. In order to encourage your preparation and be as fair as possible to everyone in the class, we have the following polices: 1. Pre-labs are due at 9 AM on Monday each week. (This includes Monday holidays.) You will not be admitted to lab unless you have submitted an on-time pre-lab. The pre-labs are available both in your lab manual and also via a link posted a week in advance on Smartsite. Prepare and submit your pre-lab as early as possible in case (a) you want help with some of the questions. and (b) you encounter computer problems and need to turn in a hard copy. 2. An electronic version is preferred (submitted via Smartsite), and it makes no difference whether you submit it from your own computer or a computer lab on campus. If you are having computer problems you can submit a hard copy in 3089 SLB, or email the answers to
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