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Answer the following questions based on the video “How the Earth Was Made” from the History Channel Who is considered to be the Father of Geology? James Hutton Where is he from? Scotland Who was Kelvin? Expert in thermodynamics; believed earth was cooling down; used thermodynamic to calculate new age for earth; did not calculate radioactivity into calculation of earth’s age; first to attempt to age earth based on science Who was Holmes? Geology student who used radiation to age earth by using traces of uranium decaying to lead; scientifically accepted age What is the scientifically accepted age of Earth? 4.5 billion years ago What is pillow lava? Rounded pillow shape is the result of lava that errupts under deep water What type of rock were the continents made of? granite What are stromatolites? Lived off sun and filled atmosphere with oxygen; built up slowly; waste product builds up rock How is oxygen thought to have appeared in the atmosphere? Stromatolites producing oxygen and algae
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Unformatted text preview: (cyanobacteria) producing oxygen When is life thought to have arisen? 3.5 billion years ago Explain “plate tectonics”? study of continental movement; theory that continents had once been joined together and drifted apart; driven by destruction of old and creation of new because of convection currents What is the rate of continental drift? 2.5 centimeters per year What is Rodinia? Supercontinent of Canada & USA; desolate & lifeless; triggered snowball earth (the biggest freeze earth has ever seen) What is thought to have happened 700 million years ago? Rodenia broke up and created a green house effect with the release of CO2 earth turned into a snowball What is the Cambrian explosion? Highest oxygen levels and explosion of life; lots of new species developed What is the importance of the Burgess shale quary? Rich fossil location When is the ozone layer thought to have formed? 400 million years ago...
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