Foodmicro 5 - Environmental Sampling in a Food Service Area...

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Environmental Sampling in a Food Service Area Looking at the air sample gross count for the processing, dairy, and sensory kitchen locations there were significant results of bacteria in the countable range. This data indicates that these locations may need to be cleaned better or a breeze filled with a bioflim of bacteria is coming into the rooms from a specific location. This can be stopped by finding the biofilm location and eliminating it. The brine processing lab air sample gross count was fairly low, and this means a good job of keeping the room clean has been taking place. When looking at the swab data every location had low counts of CFU of bacteria, except for the inside of the machine in the brine processing lab. The low counts in all the other locations can be accounted for due to great post processing cleanup procedures and a good sanitation methods; whipping down counters and floors with antimicrobial solutions along with washing hands before and after using equipment. The brine processing room inside the machine had the most CFU of bacteria, cleaning a machine may be hard and bacteria can continue to pile up and form a biofilm which is harder to kill and clean then just a few CFU of bacteria. Then the sponge sampling of the Processing Lab showed black colonies on the MOX plate which is a presumptive positive test for Listeria . The colonies are black on the MOX plate because of esculin is hydrolized by Listeria to 6,7 dihydroxycoumarin which reacts with Fe ^ +3 to form a dark brown-black color in the medium. Esculin is an indicator that will turn the color of the broth to black in th epresence of Listeria. Looking at the sponge samples of the dairy lab there were no Listera on the MOX plate due to the lack of black colony color or
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Foodmicro 5 - Environmental Sampling in a Food Service Area...

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