scan0005 - PHY2048E t 1 “mm”'°"...

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Unformatted text preview: PHY2048E ' t' 1 “mm” '°" is'll:%.l!!lill:ll. . :llslsslfillf, Name: i at g: , . Please circle yo er. You may use your notes, cheat sheet and a the test. Place all your answers in the correct number of significant figures and units. Show all your work. ’ U 0‘ ‘ .g a x fl . . e . // \‘t-i w l. In the following problems, convert the given quantity into the specified units: hi .1, L» «eves-“'7”WAN“"'""H"r"”*"~<~WK“: L { ‘ - 33113“ ‘3 as? (V1 raw a. Z i 31””: i r I .5" e a) 501.4 it into urn, ‘ '“ ‘ ~ V v r 7- i a. t m Egg-5’ v b) 1.23 rn/s2 into cm/hrz, C! ‘ l, o x z c) 100 mm into dm, where 10dm= Im, A A! u d) 3,600 slugs into 3, and “g “2:? £5 ’ I O % X .. e) 1,000,000 A into light-years. were? «“ it"s“? -. ; an: ‘ * 13v. ; r“? - {a ‘3 i n “rm”. 2’ 7 Let Z = 2.11’+3.4j— 5.112 and B‘ = 2.9?-o.4}'+4.112 . Then determine the ‘ “ following: :i: “" ¢ ‘ ‘ z'2%,~,rv_www,..., . , ‘ y . . K.- I a) R = A :Bnezgp‘ressving your answer in another notation, g t 5 b) A - B, Q} ‘ ,. _. . ? c) the angles (p between.t‘hé..-A.andJ3.,fig~1 :- \ ' ' ’ ‘ d) A X B , and its” 17.3” a i t; e) is 2 x013.) a cease, seas} Bi'fieitheg' The coyote sets up a catapult with a crate as a projectile at the top of the ACME Building. As the roadrunner approaches, the coyote fires the crate but it does not launch. Frustrated he goes down to the “X” mark that he painted on the road where the roadrunner just passed. Now, the roadrunner is on top of the ACME Building where he launches the crate at an angle 300° to the horizontal with an initial speed of 20.0m/s. The height of the ACME Building is 45.0m. How long will it take the crate to arrive at the “X” mark on the road? Ifthe coyote is standing at the “X” mark then does the crate hit him? Justify your answer. ' ‘1: a I w; WIN, Suppose that the path of the crate is given by F(t) = if + (— t2 + 161‘ + 64)}m . What is the velocity and acceleration vector? A Consider a crate whose mass is 1200kg on a loading ramp. Let the loading ramp make an angle of 45° with respect to the horizontal. The coefficient of static and kinetic fiiction is 0.40 and 0.26 between the crate and the loading ramp. Is the block moving? Ifthe crate is not moving then you are done. If it is moving then find the magnitude of the crates acceleration. 5 g , wit ,r- Let the magnitude of the vectors F, R and W beF = 302N , R =102N and W = 21N. A body of mass 25kg is confined to move in the xy—plane subject to forces given in the following diagram, determine a) the magnitude of the acceleration, b) the direction of the acceleration relative to the +x-axis of the body, c) write the acceleration as a vector and, d) draw the acceleration vector in the icy-plane. ...
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This note was uploaded on 11/18/2010 for the course PHY 2048 taught by Professor Bose during the Spring '08 term at University of Central Florida.

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scan0005 - PHY2048E t 1 “mm”'°"...

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