How to Submit Your FIN3403 Project Assignment

How to Submit Your FIN3403 Project Assignment - [Note This...

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FOR STUDENTS: How to Submit Your FIN3403 Course Project Assignment 1. In the left-hand toolbar of the FIN3403 home page, click on “Assignments.” When the Assignment Dropbox screen appears, click the “Inbox” tab to see the assignments that are available for you. 2. Click on the assignment titled “Graded Course Project”, and the appropriate assignment submission screen is then displayed. [Note: We strongly encourage you to make sure that you can upload the assignments by first clicking on the “Sample Course Project Practice Assignment”.] 3. In the text entry area (Submission block) of the screen, type in your full name, your UFID, and your FIN3403 Group number. 4. Now click on “Add Attachment”. Click on “My Computer,” then browse to select your assignment file from your personal computer, and click “OK.”
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Unformatted text preview: [Note: This may take some time to upload -- be patient.] 5. The filename will now appear as a link in the assignment submission screen. 6. If you wish, you may type remarks into the comment box. (optional) 7. Now click “Submit”. 8. To confirm that your assignment has been submitted you may go to “Assignments” on the left-hand tool bar, and then click on the “Submitted tab.” Your assignment submissions will be listed there. [Note: If you click on the “Graded” tab in the assignment dropbox area, you will see the assignments that have been graded and returned to you. The grader may or may not provide comments or feedback. Grades will be posted within two weeks of the submission deadline and you will be able to see your points for this assignment, via “My Grades”.]...
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