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first job - me that I did a good job keeping my cool and...

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Michael Kelley II, Supply Chain Management First Job: grocery bagger Location: Paget, Bermuda Age:11 Wage: tip based Career Goal: Entrepreneur What Important lessons or skills did you learn on your first job? My first job was at a very young age because in Bermuda child labor laws are relaxed; so my first job was a grocery bagger. One thing it taught me was the importance of customer service because the more you meet and exceed expectations the better your tip would be. What were your specific duties? My duties as a bagger were to bag customer’s groceries in an efficient timely manner as well as check executing price checks. Cite an experience in your first job where you uncovered a valuable skill you use today… I once had to bag the groceries of a disgruntled shopper, and she was upset with the way I bagged groceries and wanted me to bag them her way. So I started over and bagged them how she wanted them done. After I was done bagging she neglected to give me a tip, however another costumer who witnessed the process tipped me instead. As she tipped me she told
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Unformatted text preview: me that I did a good job keeping my cool and handling the disgruntled customer because you never know who is watching. During this position who motivated you the most to succeed? I was actually self motivated so I can buy myself name brand apparel that my mother wouldn’t buy for me. What challenges in this assignment had the greatest impact on your life? Challenges that had the greatest impact on my life are like the experiences stated earlier. They taught me how to keep cool in hot moments and how to control bad situations to still get the desired outcome. What did you find most rewarding about your first job? The most rewarding thing about my job was the money because I no longer had to ask my mother for funds all the time anymore and it also helped me open up my first savings account. What advice would you give to those who are about to embark on their first job? first impressions are everything, make your first one your best one....
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first job - me that I did a good job keeping my cool and...

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