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Amplifyandconvey innerear innerear cochleacontains

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Unformatted text preview: leus (hammer) attached to eardrum & incus Incus (anvil) connected to both bones Stapes (stirrup) attached to incus and to the oval window, membrane btw middle ear and inner ear. Amplify and convey Inner Ear Inner Ear Cochlea­ contains the receptor cells Transduces sound vibrations into electrical signal Transmitted to brain Inner Ear Inner Ear Cochlea Cochlea Hollow compartments filled with lymphatic fluid Receptor cells and support cells sit w/in the organ of Corti. Inner hair cells­ auditory receptors in tectorial membrane Outer hair cells­ help to "tune" the cochlea and provide support Basilar Membrane Basilar Membrane Floats in fluid­ Bounces up and down Hair cells embedded on membrane have several stereocilia cilia sheared back and forth under the tectorial membrane. When stereocilia are pulled, the hair cell depolarizes. This signal is transmitted to the auditory nerve to the brainstem. Pressure from the stirrup on oval window makes cochlear fluid move Waves travel thru cochlear fluid cause the basilar and tectorial membrane bend Bending membranes stimulate the cilia at the t...
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