Locatedonthetemporallobe tonotopicorganization

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Unformatted text preview: y system Integrates info before sending to the thalamus and cortex sound source localization from superior olivary complex & dorsal cochlear nucleus Part of auditory thalamus, represents thalamic relay btw inferior colliculus and auditory cortex. Several dif nuclei with dif neurons and fxn. Projects to the primary auditory cortex (Area 1) MGN may influence the direction and maintenance of attention. Medial Geniculate Nucleus Medial Geniculate Nucleus (MGN) Primary Auditory Cortex Primary Auditory Cortex Processing of auditory info. Located on the temporal lobe Tonotopic organization Multiple auditory areas (like visual cortex). Involved in tasks such as identifying and segregating auditory "objects" and identifying location of a sound in space. Performs basics of hearing; pitch, volume. Auditory (Vestibular) Pathway Auditory (Vestibular) Pathway Hair cells → spiral ganglion. → cochlear nerve → vestibulocholear nerve → medulla oblongata (superior olive) → inferior colliculus (midbrain) → thalamus → auditory cortex Purpo...
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