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Unformatted text preview: se is to keep tabs on position/motion of head in space. 3 semicircular canals detect angular acceleration in 3 mvnt dimensions, each canal detects motion in a single plane detect rotation, shake or nod your head (angular acceleration). detect motion along a line ­ elevator drops, lean body (linear acceleration) Lateralization Lateralization Anatomical asymmetry is correlated to fxnal assymmetry; left temporal cortex analyzes language related sounds right temproal cortex analyzes music related sounds 30% of left­handers have unique pattern bilateral representation of speech opposite to right handers Aphasia Aphasia Impairment of language­ affect production or compreh. of speech & ability to read or write. May affect single or multiple aspects of language Ex: ability to name obj./read Due to: Brain injury, tumors, stroke, infections Men and women equally affected. ~1 mil. US persons currently have aphasia Wernicke’s Area Wernicke’s Area Region of the brain important in language development. Lo...
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