Religion and Everyday Life

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Unformatted text preview: Religion and Everyday Life Religion A Sociological look at Religion Sociological Why How is religion a part of society? do they experience their faith? What What role does religious beliefs play in the lives of individuals, groups and countries? lives Classic Theorists Classic In In the mid 1800s, Karl Marx introduced conflict theory to structure of society arguing that religion was a belief system used to justify economic inequality. used “Religion is the opiate of the masses.” At At the same time, Max Weber documented the relationship between the economy and religion. economy The The principles of Calvinism, which were a calling ( a job to do for God which encouraged hard work) and a predestination (some were chosen to be saved) but since no one knew who, SUCCESS was seen as a sign of being chosen. Emile Emile Durkheim also looked at religion, arguing that religion performs social functions (functionalism) and can create a collective conscience. collective Types of religion Types Theism-worship of a god or gods Ethicalism-adherence to certain principles Animism- a belief in spirits (Atheism) (Atheism) Civil Religion Civil A set of beliefs and practices that are set deemed sacred and followed by the group/ deemed culture/nation This This relates to the separation of church and state. state. Symbolic Meanings Symbolic Sacred Sacred status given to objects, ideas, and behaviors. Belief makes them real. real. power of religious belief The The Can Can you think of any contemporary events or examples of how religious belief has altered an individual or groups existence? an What does it mean? What Religious Ideologies Religious Images Images and ideas, often stereotypical, become associated with a particular religion. associated Examples Terrorist activity Terrorist Profiling at airports Religion becomes a social institution Religion Issue of capital/economic resources Conflict between beliefs and practices Potential problems Rise of megachurch media-based religions Pop culture of religion Hatred/war tied to religion Hatred/war ...
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