Cell phones grow as symbols of fashion

Cell phones grow as symbols of fashion - 4 the cable...

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Cell phones grow as symbols of fashion, power, usefulness Summary: 1. cell phones are fashion statements. They are necessities. They are symbols of power and importance 2. compares the difference of several companies’ products 3. cell phone changes the social fabric, such as avoid missing some urgen direction immediately my points Many users invest the communication object with myriad personal decorations and also personal significance China’s much-anticipated three network convergence (TNC) 1. the trials are expected to run through 2012, with full implementation targeted for end- 1025. 2. the legislation is designed to lay the framework for the regulation of converged telecom market. 3. china telecom and china unicom now control more than 92 million broadband subscriptions.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. the cable operators do net offer mobile service. Nor is the state council likely to give them to chance to do so 5. mobile data service becoming an intrinsic part of the telecom market, the cable operators are locked out of that market and don’t seem to have a realistic way to get into it my points: Although network operators have logistical problems to overcome in making convergence a reality, perhaps the biggest problems will be in the regulatory sphere.Telecom regulator the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and TV regulator the State Administration for Radio, Film and TV (SARFT) continue to battle for the upper hand in establishing control over the soon-to-be-converged communications market...
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