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MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS Q19. Mrs. Jacks is employed by RME Industries Ltd. RME Industries Ltd. does not offer a registered pension plan or a deferred profit sharing plan to its employees. Given the following, what is the maximum RRSP contribution that Mrs. Jacks can deduct for the 2008 taxation year? 2006 2007 2008 Earned income $50,000 $52,000 $53,000 RRSP contributions claimed Maximum $ 6,000 ? (a) $12,360 (b) $9,360 (c) $16,500 (d) $18,000 Q20. Stan Aiken changed employment during 2008 and, as a result of the change, moved 150 kilometres, from Windsor to London. His new employer was located in London and reimbursed 50 per cent of Stan's eligible moving expenses. On his 2008 personal tax return, Stan can: Q21. Which of the following is NOT a requirement for support payments to be deductible?
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Unformatted text preview: (a) the payments must be made on a periodic basis (b) the payments must be made for a period of time that the spouses or former spouses are living apart (c) the payments must be made pursuant to a separation agreement (d) the children for whom the payments are made must be children of the marriage Q22. Ms. Marilyn has approached you to determine the maximum RRSP contribution, which is tax deductible, that she can make for 2008. The following information was taken from Ms. Marilyn’s 2007 tax return. Income from employment $50,650 CPP 2,049 EI 711 RPP contributions 1,500 Moving expenses 300 Spousal support payments 3,000 Loss on rental property 1,800 Interest income 300 The pension adjustment reported by Ms. Marilyn's employer for 2007 was $2,000. The maximum, tax deductible RRSP contribution Ms. Marilyn can make in 2008 is: (a) $6,793 (b) $18,000 (c) $5,929 (d) $6,253 Page 1...
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