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Problem 3 (Text: Ch. 2) Until December 2003, the taxpayer had been a resident of Canada since birth. He departed from Vancouver in December 2003 and travelled to Australia where he arrived December 22, 2003. He applied for and was granted permanent resident status in Australia at that time. He enrolled in the Master of Laws program at the University of Sydney in 2004 and graduated in March 2006. After completing the law program, he returned to Canada June 30, 2006, arriving in Vancouver on that date. He then travelled to Toronto where his parents reside, before returning to Halifax which is where he attended undergraduate law school and now practises law. He had his belongings shipped back from Australia to Halifax after his arrival in Halifax. When he left for Australia, he sold nearly all of his belongings to help finance the trip. He did not own any real property in Canada (i.e., real estate) or keep any residence or bank
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Unformatted text preview: account in Canada while he was away, as he did not then know when or if he was ever going to return. He did not carry on any business in Canada while he was in Australia. In September 2006, he commenced a nine-month articling period with a law firm in Halifax. During that period he considered himself to be looking over prospects in Canada until June 2007 when he accepted full-time employment in the office of the Crown Attorney in Halifax. In 2006, he was physically present in Canada for 185 days. Required : Evaluate in detail the alternatives in the residence issue for 2006 as they relate to this fact situation. Present your answer by discussing each possible degree of residence and its tax consequences and by stating your conclusions on the case after appropriately weighing the significance of the facts considered....
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