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Problem 32 (Past exam question: 40 minutes) (Text: Chs. 3, 6) Ms. Mover has been offered a new job as Vice-President of Operations with Shaker Ltd., a Canadian-controlled private corporation. In addition to the basic salary and commissions, a number of benefits have been offered as indicated below: (a) The remuneration package includes a stock option to purchase 8,000 previously unissued, fully paid, shares of Shaker Ltd. at $12 per share. The current FMV is $20 per share. Ms. Mover would be expected to exercise half of the option immediately to show her confidence in the company, which plans to go public in the near future. (b) Under an employee-loan policy, Shaker Ltd. will loan Ms. Mover the $48,000 required to exercise half of the option at no interest, repayable at $8,000 per annum for 6 years and evidenced by a bona fide note. Any outstanding balance would be due in full on termination of employment. (c)
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