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Ross Miller 503290136 Lab 1: Statistics and Error Propagation Partners: Sam Ahn and Andre Svadjian TA: Steve Suh Session 6
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Introduction: This lab was designed to show us how to get data with Lab View and analyze the effectiveness of the data acquired, this lab also shows the . Many errors may be present from measuring the data, including errors with the instruments used, physical errors, errors caused by humans, and even the uncertainty principle may affect the use of your data. This experiment teaches about error starting with really easy analyses and moves into really advanced error analysis by the end. We began by setting up the noise circuit and at a sample rate of 10,000 points per second we measured 10, 100, 1000, and 10,000 points, each 5 times and recorded the man and the standard deviation for each to compare. Next we simultaneously sampled 2 separate random noises, then we simultaneously sampled identical noise functions and calculated the correlation and covariance between the two. Thirdly we measured two independent noise signals and added the two, then we sampled two identical wake signals and the sum of the two, then we sampled a constant battery signal, a noise signal, and the sum of the two. We found the mean and standard deviation for these three measured sets, and we drew a histogram showing the noise signal and the sum of the battery and the noise signal. Finally we want to measure the error propagated from the addition of a fluctuating current, given by Ohm’s law I=V/R, where both the voltage and the resistance are fluctuating. To do this first we find the error when only the voltage fluctuates, then we
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4bl-the-second-time-lab-1 - Ross Miller 503290136 Lab 1...

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