Physics4BL 6 - Brian Sek June 4 2009 Physics 4BL Lab 7 Lab...

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Brian Sek June 4, 2009 Physics 4BL, Lab 7 Lab Partner: Morgan Fryar Physical Optics: Diffraction and Interference Introduction The goal of this lab is to observe the properties of light when there are obstructions in its path. This will demonstrate the wave qualities of light. In the first part of the lab, interference caused by single and double slits will be observed. After this, the same procedure is done with two different diffraction gratings; one used for a laser, and one used for white light. The third part of the experiment deals with diffraction due to a strand of hair, a CD, and a square grating. Experimental Results Part 1: Detector Response The first task is to zero the photodetector. For this part, a laser and photometer are used. The laser has to be aligned so that the photometer reading is maximum. An iris is placed in front of the photometer so resolution is increased- a 0.1 mm slit. The photometer is set to 1 cm, then it is moved to 4 cm; all the while, the computer is picking up the position and intensity readings. Figure 1: This graph shows the relationship between position and intensity without obstructions. Figure 2: Although there are missing points on this graph, this shows the intensity vs. voltage relationship due to a single slit. As you can see, there is one large peak that fans out to lower maxima and minima. Part 2: Double-Slit Diffraction/Interference Patterns
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Physics4BL 6 - Brian Sek June 4 2009 Physics 4BL Lab 7 Lab...

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