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Diana Wu 803576180 4 November 2008 Physics 4BL Sec 5 Magnetism II. Introduction The purpose of this lab is to study the behavior of magnetic fields generated by steady state sources. To do this, I will measure the magnetic fields produced by a toroidal solenoid and a permanent magnet, analyze the force between two magnets, determine the paramagnetism, diamagnetism, or ferromagnetism of several materials, and measure the induced emf produced through the motion of a permanent magnet in and out of a cylindrical coil. III. Experimental Results B Magnetic Fields Produced by Currents For this section, I measured the radial dependence of the magnetic field using a hall probe and a toroidal solenoid. Starting with the hall probe 22 cm away from the solenoid, I took measurements at 1-cm intervals up to the point where the probe was inside the inner radius. B Field vs. Distace from Solenoid 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 0 5 10 15 20 25 Distance (cm) B Field (Gauss) Figure 1 As one would predict, there is an inverse relationship between the magnitude of the magnetic field and the distance from the solenoid. From my knowledge of Ampere’s Law, B field and distance should have a linear relationship, which, though weak, can still be seen in Figure 1. Also due to Ampere’s Law, it makes sense that there is no B field (or almost no B field since experiments are never perfect) both inside the inner coil and outside the solenoid, which can be seen at a distance of about 2 cm and 18 cm when the magnetic field abruptly increases by 5 Gauss and decreases by 1 Gauss, respectively.
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C Magnetic Fields Produced by Permanent Magnets In this section I took an axially magnetized permanent magnet and, using the hall probe, measured the magnetic field at regular distances away first along the z-axis and then along the radial direction. The purpose of these measurements is to verify that the field fits the profile of a magnetic dipole, which I will accomplish by comparing my data to equations 2 and 3 on the handout. Z-Direction Data
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lab3 - Diana Wu 803576180 4 November 2008 Physics 4BL Sec 5...

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